Installation of JAS 3 and WIRED 4

Users are encouraged to install JAS 3 and WIRED 4 on their local machines - this is much faster than trying to run it over the network.

There are two ways to install WIRED. If you are interested in the complete functionality that comes with the Jas3 interactive analysis shell, follow instructions below. If you are a GLAST user who is only interested in running WIRED with pre-configured set of plugins, single-click installation using Java Web Start is available from Fermi LAT Data Portal.

Installation using Jas3 Plugin Manager

If you do not have Jas3 installed, download it from the JAS 3 website. To use all features of WIRED, you will need at least version 0.8.4 of Jas3. To verify the version number of JAS 3 select Help->About from the menu.

Once Jas3 is installed, start it and launch the Plugin Manager:
View - Plugin Manager
Go to "Available" tab and select desired plugins. To run WIRED 4 you need at least the following three plugin modules from hep.visualization category:

  • WIRED 4: The main WIRED Event Display plugin.
  • WIRED 4 Base Library: The base library for WIRED 4, which is also used by other graphics visualization plugins such as the FITS plugin.
  • HepRep: The HepRep2 XML file reader, the HepRep1 to HepRep2 converter and the HepRep1 and HepRep2 interface standards.

Depending on what functionality you plan to use and what experiment you are working on, you might also need:

  • WIRED CORBA HepRep Client Plugin: The CORBA client which connects to HepEventServers[4] to retrieve HepRep1 or HepRep2 data using CORBA. This client can also handle JProcMan[5] lookups. This plugin is useful for GLAST and BaBar.
  • WIRED 3 Graphics Format: A converter plugin from the WIRED3 graphics format to HepRep2. This plugin is only useful for BaBar, where the geometry description in in WIRED3 Graphics Format. The geometry of BaBar is included in this plugin, so the plugin is rather large.
  • WIRED GLAST HepRep Client Plugin GLAST-specific additions to the CORBA HepRep client.