Appendix E: History of WIRED

WIRED which stands for World-Wide Web Interactive Remote Event Display was initially developed in 1996 at CERN as an Applet to show the usefulness of the Java language in High Energy Physics. The applet showed the DELPHI detector of LEP and was presented at the HepVis 1996 workshop at CERN.

The core of the Applet was rewritten for WIRED 1 which was adopted by the CHORUS and DELPHI experiments for further event display usage. This version was presented at CHEP'97 in Berlin, Germany.

As research and development at CERN continued for the ATLAS experiment, WIRED 2 was developed to cope with large events and special projections. Some of the work of WIRED 2 was generalized and moved into the Java FreeHEP Library on top of which WIRED 3 and WIRED 4 were built. The Atlantis event display for ATLAS was built from the WIRED 2 prototype.

In the meantime WIRED 3 was created, based mainly on WIRED 1, to support the BaBar experiment at SLAC, which became one of the main users of WIRED. An integration was started with JAS 2, which resulted in a plugin module of WIRED 3 specific for the Linear Collider Study at SLAC. This version was presented at CHEP'2000 in Padova, Italy.

WIRED 4 combines some of the work done in WIRED 2 with a lot of the functionality in WIRED 3. WIRED 4 was presented at Computing in High Energy Physics, CHEP2004, in Interlaken, Switzerland.