11 May 2013 - Versions of WIRED starting with 4.3.0 are designed to work with Jas 3.0.0 and later. Unlike earlier versions, Jas 3.0.0 distribution contains only a minimal set of built-in plugins. Installing WIRED 4 through the Jas 3 plugin manager will add all required extensions and libraries. The latest production version of WIRED at this moment is 4.3.3.


WIRED is a flexible extendable experiment-independent event display. It works as a plugin module in Jas 3 (Java Analysis Studio), a generic interactive analysis framework. WIRED has originally been developed to allow visualization of events in High Energy Physics detectors, but it can be used in a multitude of other fields. Both WIRED and Jas3 are written in Java.

WIRED 4 supports viewing of events using either conventional 3D projections as well as specialized projections such as a fish-eye or a rho-Z projection. Projections allow the user to scale, rotate, position or change parameters on the plot as he wishes. All interactions are handled as separate edits which can be undone and/or redone, so the user can try things out and easily return to a previous state. All edits are scriptable by any of the scripting languages supported by Jas 3, such as pnuts, jython or java. Hits and tracks can be picked to display associated physics information, and cuts can be made on attribute values, allowing filtering of objects before rendering them on the event display. Multiple event display plots can be laid out on pages combined with histograms and other plots, available from Jas 3 itself or from other plugin modules. Configuration information on the state of all plots can be saved and restored allowing the user to save his session, share it with others or later continue where he left off.

WIRED 4 uses HepRep2 as its internal data representation format. HepRep data (both HepRep1 and HepRep2) can be read from files or received from CORBA servers. Several Jas 3 plugins are available to read geometry and event data in various formats and convert it to HepRep on the fly.

This version of WIRED is written to be easily extendable by users and developers. Projections, representations, interaction handlers, and edits are all implemented as services, and new ones can be added by writing additional plugins. Both Jas 3 and WIRED 4 are built on top of FreeHEP Java Libraries that support a multitude of vector and raster graphics output formats, such as PostScript, PDF, SVG, EMF, PNG, and GIF, allowing document quality output of event display plots and histograms.

WIRED is developed and maintained by the FreeHEP team at SLAC.